OCO Glasses started online in 2015 and now have a store in the vibrant Spitalfields in London, UK.

Their omnichannel strategy has earned them over 190 5* Google Ratings, making them the highest rated opticians in the UK.

20% Increase in Sales

After implementing the Omnified platform, OCO saw an increase in monthly store sales of 20%. Month on month, 15% to 20% of OCO's sales are assisted by the Omnified platform.

30x More Leads Generated

Before using the platform, OCO staff would occasionally send product information to store browsers. The Omnified platform drastically increased the efficiency of this process and the number of leads created per month turned from a handful, to hundreds.

20x Return on Investment

OCO see a consistent monthly ROI of between 2000% and 3000% from the Omnified platform.

Visit the OCO Spitalfields Optical Boutique page here.